‘Yellow Vests’ Riot in Paris

For the third time in three weeks, the “yellow vests” protested all over France. In several cities, especially in Paris, the demonstration quickly turned violent with cars set on fire, confrontations with the police, and the destruction of some shops. 

Initially, the “yellow vest” movement, named after the vests used for road safety, demanded the withdrawal of a new tax on gas. Today the demonstrations became a the expression of anger and frustration of the working class.

French antiriot police chase away hundreds of demonstrators from Place Vendome, an exclusive area that hosts the Ministry of Justice and several luxurious jewelry shop. The protesters had intended to set on fire the Christmas trees that decorates the place.
French antiriot police chase protesters through Boulevard Haussman, next to Galeries Lafayette, where a sign in the background reads “The dream factory”. Over 400 people were arrested during the violent “Yellow Vests” riots in Paris, on December 1st, 2018.
A man run past a bonfire made with Christmas trees that decorated the quaint Rue de la Paix (Peace Street), Paris, the theater of violent clashes between the police and some “Yellow Vests”, asking for the departure of French president, Emmanuel Macron.
A protester wearing a “yellow vest” takes a photo of himself in front a bonfire in the Boulevard des Capucines, while several other demonstrators throw bikes and other items into the fire. The destruction of public property is estimated between three to four millions euros.
Several Christmas trees burn near Place Vendome, a chic Parisian area surrounded by luxurious jewelry shops and banks. Some of the arrested during the “Yellow Vests” riots risk up to seven years in prison.
A “Yellow Vest” protester photographs a police car that was set on fire near Place Vendome. Over 50 cars were burned during the riots in the French capital that started three weeks ago asking the withdrawal of a new tax on gas.
Demonstrators fall when try to face a police water cannon in Rue Rivoli, trying to reach the simbolic Place Concorde, not far from the French presidential palace. Over 130 people were hurt during the “Yellow Vests” riots.
A group of “Yellow Vests” demonstrators tries to face off a police barricade, including a water cannon, while calling others to join their improvised protection.

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