World Press Photo for El Salvador


In the winner list of the World Press Photo 2014, there was one that called my attention, for the title, the country and the media. “The Last Outfit of the Missing”  (“El último atuendo de los desaparecidos“)  by Fred Ramos, from El Salvador for El Faro media, one of the first online newspaper in Latin America (they claim to be the first).

The entire work, titled “The Machine the brings back the disapeared” (“La máquina que reaparece a los desaparecidos”, my translation). Composed by a long article “El cuarto de los huesos está sobrepoblado“, by Daniel Valencia Caravantes and of course the great photos of Fred Ramos, divided in two sets: the winning one and a second called “The Bone Guardians” (“Los custodios de los huesos“). All with a Nikon D80.

The photo essay description in the World Press Photo sites reads: The North Central American Triangle (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador) is one of the most violent regions in the world. In many cases, clothes that are found become the only means to identify victims.

Great work from a country, and a region, who barely recovered from years of civil war to fall again in the violence of gangs and drug trafficking.


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