Unexpected Photo Essay on sale at Le Petit Espace gallery in Paris

If you are looking for an original, exclusive, interesting and fun present for the holidays you can now buy the Unexpexted Box from the Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortazar, his readers and Paris at the Le Petit Espace gallery in Paris.

The address is 15 rue Bouchardon, 75010 Paris. Open from 2pm to 8pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

If you go there, take a look at the exhibition The Curse / la malédiction, by Marianne Rosenstiehl

Together with my book you can also find and buy the work of: Isabelle Blanc, Anne-Sophie Costenoble, Marion Dubier-Clark, Elodie Ledure, Paul von Borax, Marianne Rosenstiehl, Flore, Lina Hashim, Hugo Passarello, le Chronoscaphe et la Mitch, Chambre avec Vues, Juliette Agnel, Alain Rivière et Jean-Yves Jouannais, Anne de Gelas, Olivier Placet, Armand Quetsch, Diego Saldiva, Nathalie Seroux, Sébastien Tixier, Frank Verdier et les éditions Magoo.


If you are not in and around the Eiffel Tower you can still get one by sending me an email here: www.hugopassarello.com/contact


Some images of the Unexpexted Box from the Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortazar, his readers and Paris


Unexpected Book Passarello


Unexpected Book on the Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortazar

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