The Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar on France Culture

Hugo Passarello Luna´s photo for his Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar

The people at French radio station France Culture were very kind to me when they decided to feature my yearlong (and still in progress) Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar on their show Sur Les Docks presented by Irène Omélianenko. The show aired on March 19th, just two days before the opening of the Paris Book Fair 2014 (Salon du Livre de Paris), where Argentina is the guest honour and a series of hommages for Julio Cortázar are planned.

The  54 minutes documentary Le goût des livres : « Marelle de Julio Cortázar… Du côté de ses lecteurs »was done by Andrea Cohen and Anna Szmuc. You can hear the complete show here, in this link or download the podcast.

Or you can only hear me and my accent here (boy I talk too fast).

For the interview I had to choose a place in Paris that was mentioned in Cortázar´s book Hoptscotch. I opted for the Vert Galant park, a small garden at the Western tip of the Île de la Cité, in the very heart of Paris. A beautifil area decorated with a weeping willow (he has a good reason to weep as he is completely alone) that is mentioned in chapter 36 of the book. I like to believe this is the same tree Cortázar saw. And is a tree that reminds me of my childhood, a sauce llorón.

The photo featured at the top of this post was taken right at this place. At the foot of the tree sits one of the participants of my photo essay, Ramona Zapiola, a French-Argentinean who also chose this corner of Paris. You can see an enlarged version of the photo (if you click on it) at the bottom of this post.

If you want to know more about my Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar check these two links in my blog: Two more pre-exhibitions of my photo essay on Cortázar, Paris and his readers AND A pre-photo exhibition of my photo coverage on Cortázar.

You can still participate if you want to, I will be taking pictures up until May. Contact me here.


PS: On the side, Monocle 24, a British radio station and magazine, called me to talk about the controversy with the list of the invited  Argentineans authors, a few way too close to the Kirchner administration and the apparently deliberately shunning of other writers not close enough (we Argentineans seem to be unable to do anything without creating a problem around it). An issue that took huge dimensions, more than it should, and that threatened to overshadow the participation of most of the 40 invited authors who deserve to be here, because of their work and career. You can hear the interview in this link or here.


Hugo Passarello Luna´s photo for his Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar

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