Sin Etiquetas, journalism and diversity in Latin America

Today, May 17th, is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, so I take this as an excuse to tell you about a Sin Etiquetas.

In November 2014 a new media was launched from Lima (Peru). It is Sin Etiquetas, a web based media about the LGBTIQ community in Latin America. Sin Etiquetas proposes a non-discriminatory journalism, plural, diverse, open to everybody, people who identified themselves as LGBTIQ and those who do not as well. The site is available only in Spanish.

It is a much needed space for dialogue in the region, avoindg the clichés through which the Latin American press sometimes refers to LGBTIQ.

It was founded by journalist Esther Vargas, also founder of the great blog Clases de Periodismo, and by also journalist Esteban Marchand.

They have over 25 people regularly contributing to the site. If you want to join their team (they write in Spanish) you can send an email here

The website includes several sections such as “Documents” where you can download texts about human rights, sexual education, guides, etc. most of them done by local, national and international organizations.

There is also “Voces” where people voice their opinions on LGBTIQ issues; and “Historias” where you can find excellent interviews such as the one of Susel Paredes, a lawyer and Peruvian politician, openly homosexual and an activist for LGBTIQ rights.

Esther Vargas, was kind to invite me to be part of the board. Despite that my knowledge on the subject is limited to my full support for equal rights and non-discriminatory society; I contribute through my experience as a journalist and a photographer. Though these past few months showed that the Sin Etiquetas teams is professional and provide high quality material, making my role of advisor very easy.

I share the honor to be in the board with colleagues

Go and visit their website to learn more about their work:


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