Featured in SuperMassiveBlackHole mag

For Saint Valentine’s Day 2015 the English photography magazine SuperMassiveBlackHole published an online exhibition to celebrate lost loves, broken hearts and singlehood.

I had the opportunity to be featured alongside other photographers. The image shown is part of my series “11 years in Space” which you can see here: http://goo.gl/rY6ywg This series was published in the Latin American magazine Sin Etiquetas.

To see the SuperMassiveBlackHole “Lost Love” exhibition go here: http://smbhmag.com/lostlove

It was curated by Barry W Hughes


This was the photo chosen by the magazine

This is a series of the “before and after” of a space once occupied by an 11 years old couple and then by only me. One person is cut out of the photo, but the landscape is still there. A different Valentine's Day.

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