Media publications: The New York Times, Newsweek (Esp), Liberation, La Croix, Le Point, La Vanguardia, Reforma, La Nación, La Tercera, SoHo Magazine, Revista Anfibia, Radio Francia Internacional, etc.

Liberation. June, 2017. (France)

La Croix. February, 2017. (France)

The New York Times. March, 2015.

Newsweek. October, 2016. (Mexico)

La Nación Revista. October 26th, 2016. (Argentina)

La Nación Revista. April 16th, 2017. (Argentina)

La Nación Revista April 16, 2017

La Nación Revista. July 31st, 2016 (Argentina)

Soho Magazine. July, 2017. (Colombia)

Reforma Magazine Cover. April 2017. (Mexico)

La Vanguardia. November, 2016. (Spain)

Revista Anfibia. August 2017. (Argentina)

El Confidencial. February, 2017. (Spain)

La Tercera. April 2016-June 2017. (Chile)

El Universal, Cover. July 2016. (Mexico)

RFI. August 2017. (France)

Revista Late and Revista Panamá. May 2017. (Argentina)

Revista Poder. July 2013. (Peru)


Der Spiegel Online. September, 2014 (Germany)

Le Point. June, 2015 (France)

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