New Exhibition in Paris of the “Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar”

If you could not come to the previous exhibitions of the “Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar, his readers and Paris” there is a new opportunity for you.

This will be the second large one with dozens of the photos taken during the last year. Save the date!

Thursday November 20th
at 19h (7pm)
Maison de l’Argentine à Paris
(Cité internationale universitaire de Paris)
27 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014, Paris

How to get there?  RER B Cité universitaire or T3a (tramway) Cité universitaire

The exhibition will be up from November 17th to December 11th.


I need your help to finance the printing of photos and the book ! Any small donation will help to get me closer of covering the costs of developing the images and get the book printed.


Click here to find out how you can help me out.


So what is this “Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar”?

The story is a series of portraits, taken in Paris, of friends and readers of Argentine writer Julio Cortázar.

Each of the 70 participants had to choose a passage of the book Hopscotch that mentions a place in Paris. I then took a portrait of them in the chosen site, and asked them to briefly explain why they preferred it over others.

Check its online version in this link.


Note: The photo above was taken at the Argentinean Student Residency in Paris where Cortázar lived in the Argentinean Residency during his first years in France. The hands belong to Marcelo Balsells current director of the residency.

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