“Monstruosity”. A cover for a book

A year ago I did a photo title “Monstruosity“. It was comissioned by the Amerika Journal, an academic literary magazine at the University of Rennes (France). It was meant to illustrate the December 2014 issue dedicated to the theme “Monsters and monstruosities in the aesthetics and social representations” (Monstres et monstruosités dans les représentations esthétiques et sociales).

How to represent monstruosity? How to define monstruosity? Something that terrifies us? Something we reject?

My approach was to photograph something that is different enough from us, so to provoke a distant relationship with the viewer, yet that it would keep some ressemblance so the viewer would feel compel to stare at it.

Something like a mask, an imitation of a face, yet motionless like that of a dead person.

It looks like us, yet it is not us. It is a monster.




The photo was also chosen by Argentine writer, Néstor Ponce, for the cover of his last books “Funámbulos, vampiros y estadistas” published in Mexico.

Passarello_Tapa_LibroNestor Ponce_Small

If you are interested in buying the book you can do it here or here.


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