Opening of “Landscape today” exhibition

On December 11th opens in Paris, the exhibition “Landscape Today” (“Hoy: Paisaje”) by El Colectivo, a group of 40 Argentinean artists in France (Ricardo Mosner, Ruben Alterio, Antonio Seguí and Julio Le Parc among many others). I will be exhibiting my work “Landscape, photography and time” a series of four images where the landscape was photographed through its reflection on a mirror. The concept was inspired by a quote of Louis Daguerre (inventor of the Daguerrotype): “The daguerreotype it is not merely an instrument which serves to draw Nature; on the contrary it is a chemical and physical process which gives her the power to reproduce herself.”

Opening Friday, December 11
at 7:00pm

Maison de l’Argentine
27 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014

From December 11th 2015 to March 11 2016.

Open from Monday to Friday
from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm.

List of artists of El Colectivo for the “Landscape Today” exhibition: 

Rubén Alterio

Pat Andrea

Alberto Bali

Martes Bathori

Haby Bonomo

Mark Brusse

Rafael Bueno

Manuel Cancel

José Cúneo

Adrián Doura

Marcela Gómez

Fernando X Gonzáles

Mario Gurfein

Ruth Gurvich

Brenda Hoffman

Pablo Katz

Víctor Kesselman

Julio Le Parc

Rómulo Macció

Alejandro Marcos

Cristina Martínez

Federica Matta

Daniel Melingo

Patricia Miani

Ricardo Mosner

Rodolfo Natale

Laura Nillni

Paula Noé Murphy

Marie Orensanz

Hugo Passarello Luna

Bettina Pell

Roberto Platé

Martín Reyna

Belén Roncoroni

Cristina Ruíz Guiñazú

Antonio Seguí

Jack Vanarsky

Alexandra Verga



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