A text from journalist Roberto Herrscher about the Unexpected Photo Essay

The Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortazar mentionned in Roberto Herrscher's blog, El Boomerang

Journalist Roberto Herrscher recently received one of the books of the Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar, his readers and Paris. He was very kind and wrote a nice review of the book and the photos on his blog, that you can read in this link, Un regalo inesperado “Estoy tan orgulloso y feliz por tener la caja número 51, con mi tiza y mi piedrita. Todavía no la tiré pero siento que estoy un poco más cerca del cielo y más lejos de la tierra.

Roberto Herrscher is a journalist and the director of the Master in Journalism organized by the Universidad de Barcelona and Columbia University. You can follow him in Twitter @Rmherrscher and read his blog (in Spanish) El Boomeran(g). He wrote extensively about narrative journalism, you can check his book Periodismo narrativo (2012).

You can get a copy of the Limited mini edition of the book of the Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar, his readers and Paris by clicking here: New (mini) edition of the book “Unexpected Photo Essay”.


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