Iraq: Qayyarah, two years under ISIS

This is a piece (audio, text and images) for La Nación and Radio France Internationale about Qayyarah, a city in Iraq recently liberated by the Iraqi army from the hands of the so-called Islamic State.

The battle to take the city lasted two days. The jihadists abandoned it, fleeing north towards Mosul, the second largest city in the country and the last major urban center controlled by ISIS, 80km from Qayyarah.

Before they left the jihadists blew up the oil rigs, the last ones they controlled in the country. The crude was still burning, 10 days after the city was liberated. The proximity of ISIS militants, who still mortar Qayyarah, made it impossible for the experts to approach the oil fields and put out the fire.

After the liberation, all Qayyarah’s men were gathered by the soldiers in one of the city’s boulevards and the army started the complicated process of finding out who was involved with the Islamic State. 

Life under ISIS (in Spanish), you can listen to the audio for Radio France Internationale and see the photos and read the article for La Nación Revista here.

You can also check some of my photos from my coverage while in Irak by clicking on this link.

La vida después del Estado Islámico para La Nación
. 30 de octubre de 2016.

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