Harald Helfgott, the solver of Goldbach’s weak conjecture

These are some of the photos that formed a six page interview of Harald Helfgott, a brilliant Peruvian mathematician who demonstrated for the first time Goldbach’s weak conjecture, posed almost three centuries ago. Harald is currently a researcher at CNRS in Paris, and published a paper in theory of numbers proving that “every odd number greater than 5 can be expressed as the sum of three primes”. If you dare, you can find the paper here: Minor arcs for Goldbach’s problem

The story was published in July 2013 on Revista Poder, in Perú for the special edition celebrating extraordinary Peruvians around the world. Text by Diana Hidalgo Delgado, photos by… me.




www.hugopassarello.com Helgott looking over at Goldbach´s letter to colleague Leonhard Euler posing the conjencture, in June 1742.

www.hugopassarello.com www.hugopassarello.com www.hugopassarello.com  www.hugopassarello.com



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